Dasha Stravinsky – is a fashion brand created in 2011. Designer signature certify the development in between past and the forthcoming future fashion. Therefore the present time is our grant, which we’ve been given to explore and evaluate. We welcome you to the fashion evolution world

The brand Dasha Stravinsky company-owned by LLC 'SlashDotDash' since 2012. 

SlashDotDash - an expanding group of creative people, under a one designer in chief, Daria Stravinsky.

We are looking for innovative thinking, where we create & expand our thoughts, ideas and universe. This leads only to a glimpse of the future through fashion design.

We are wondering around & about the space, how fashion will look in a hundred years; will all the femininity, compelling and pompousness be kept, or it will be more about functionality and compact convenience?

We strive for detail in design, for the devil is there. Does he have shades on? I guess we will find out!

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